Safety comes in all shapes and forms and includes every individual in a company. From worksites and warehouses to offices and retail settings. We can supply top brands of fall arrest harnesses & lanyards, safety vests & hard hats, spill containment supplies, gloves, coveralls, glasses, anti-fatigue matting, locks, lock-out stations, safety signs, safety zone barriers & barricades and safety lights.

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Founded in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue (Quebec) in 2004, its goal was to meet the growing demand for reliable safety products at a reasonable price. With constant growth Zenith Safety Products® has been able to diversify and add to its line of products, from specialized gloves to heavy-duty flammable storage cabinets, look to Zenith Safety Products® first.

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We are going to jump straight to the heroes of our story. With more than 1100 warehouse and loading dock safety products in our arsenal, our products help saves lives, prevent injury and minimize damage and downtime.

Our role is to provide products and equipment to warehouse and manufacturing facilities that make them safer places to work.

We’re Protecting Your People.

Even more than the obvious (and critical) benefits of workplace safety, our product lineup has been designed to help ensure the world’s supply chain never breaks a link – at least not on our watch! Food arrives in processing and distribution warehouses; AI chips are manufactured then built into devices and sent to market; auto parts are created and shipped so automakers can meet their consumer demand.

INCOM Manufacturing Group was started in 1975 in the small southern Ontario town of Watertown. The original mix of products was focused on material handling and packaging equipment, including pallet jacks, hand trucks, box makers and carton sealing tapes.