Telescopic Rough Terrain Forklift Operator Safety Training

Length of Course: approximately 8 hours



To train operators (new or experienced) on all aspects of safe lift truck operation for Rough Terrain Telescopic Forklifts (Class VII)

In Class Topics Include:
  • The definition of Material Handling & Importance of Training

  • ITA Classifications of Equipment 

  • Importance of Training

  • The Operator: Attitude, Rules and Guidelines, Authorization

  • Safe / Unsafe Practices

  • Maneuvering: Skills & Stability Factors

  • How to Approach Ramps

  • Load Capacities

  • Adverse Operating Conditions: Obstructed Vision, Uneven Terrain, Overhead Conditions, Blind Corners, etc.

  • The Load: Landing Point Load Limits, Transporting the Load, Placing the Load, etc.

  • Inspection and Maintenance, Engine, Electrical System, Hydraulics, Warning Devices, etc.

  • Safe Refueling

  • Review of CSA, Occupational Health and Safety and Ministry of Labour Regulations 

Practical Training Topics Include:
  • Pre-operational Inspection
  • Operation of Equipment: Loading / Unloading, Narrow Aisles, Blind Corners, Proper Shutdown Procedures
  • Operator Evaluation (Driving Test)

Upon request, an on-site survey can also be conducted to improve overall workplace safety and efficiency.