Sit Down Counter Balance Forklift Operator Training

Forklift Operator Safety Training

Courses available on Counterbalance, Narrow Aisle (stand-up), Walk Behind, Low Lift (Electric Pallet Jack) and Rough Terrain Lift Equipment.

Each course meets all relevant government and industry standards and all trainers have been certified.  Training courses include both classroom and practical (hands-on) segments, review/recap of materials discussed, question & answer periods and a written evaluation.  Upon successful completion, each participant receives a certificate and record of training.

Training can be conducted at our multimedia facilities or at individual customer worksites.  Customized courses to meet individual company needs are available upon request.


Counterbalance - Sit Down/Stand Up - Forklift Training  (Classes I, IV, V)
Length of Course: approximately 8 hours



To train operators (new or experienced) on all aspects of safe lift truck operation for Counterbalance Forklifts.

In Class Topics Include:
  • The definition of Material Handling & Importance of Training

  • ITA Classifications of Equipment 

  • Importance of Training

  • The Operator: Attitude, Rules and Guidelines, Authorization

  • Safe / Unsafe Practices

  • Maneuvering: Skills & Stability Factors

  • How to Approach Ramps

  • Load Capacities

  • Adverse Operating Conditions: Obstructed Vision, Uneven Terrain, Overhead Conditions, Blind Corners, etc.

  • The Load: Landing Point Load Limits, Transporting the Load, Placing the Load, etc.

  • Inspection and Maintenance, Engine, Electrical System, Hydraulics, Warning Devices, etc.

  • Safe Refueling, Gas / Propane Handling

  • Review of CSA, Occupational Health and Safety and Ministry of Labour Regulations 


Practical Training Topics Include:
  • Workplace Inspection
  • Pre-operational Inspection
  • Function Tests
  • Operator Evaluation (Driving Test): Loading / Unloading, Narrow Aisles, Blind Corners, Proper Shutdown Procedures


Upon request, an on-site survey can also be conducted to improve overall workplace safety and efficiency. 


At Equipment World Inc., the health and well-being of you, and our staff, is paramount.

Please review the following requirements and guidelines:

All people attending training must complete the Ministry of Health’s Self-Assessment prior to arriving for the training class.

You will be required to sign a Covid-19 Attestation Form before you arrive and must be forwarded to the applicable training dept before being granted access.

If you answer yes to any of the questions on the assessment, please do not attend the training (you may also be denied entrance to our facility) Also, if at any time during the training, you exhibit any cold or flu like symptoms, you will be asked to leave and re-schedule. We also encourage you to contact your Public Health Unit or Medical Practitioner and follow their guidance.

Class sizes will be limited to 4 people plus the instructor. (class sizes will be reviewed and modified based on recommendations from local health units and the Ontario government)

Please bring your own personal protective equipment (PPE) (ie dust mask, respirator, face shield or other face covering, gloves etc) They are not mandatory but will not be supplied for students

Equipment World will not be supplying coffee or snacks. You may bring your own personal refreshments, which are not to be shared.

Do not bring any personal Fall Protection Equipment with you for Working at Heights Training. We will have clean equipment for you to use during the course.

All mobile equipment that will be used during the practical driving tests will be cleaned and sanitized before you use it.

Please follow designated pathways when exiting the building if you want to go outside for breaks. While outside, maintain groups of no more than 5 people and physical distancing of at least 2 metres

Please arrive at Equipment World at least 15 minutes before the start of training.

Please wait outside the designated entry door and wait for your trainer to escort you into the building. Remember to practice physical distancing of at least 2 metres.

While in the training room maintain physical distancing of at least 2 metres.

Hand washing/sanitizing is available in all training facilities. Please practice frequent hand washing/sanitizing during the session. Please follow recommended procedures as posted.