New NORCAT partnerships for “Mine of the Future”

New NORCAT partnerships for “Mine of the Future”


NORCAT announced on Wednesday, that it will be working with Equipment World, Fuller Industrial, Spectrum Group, and K4 Integration to upgrade its underground training and testing mine in Onaping. This partnership gives the NORCAT Underground Centre state-of-the-art technology to advance the facility as well as demonstrate leading innovations to the mining industry.

“The NORCAT Underground Centre is a unique facility. We’re the only non-profit organization in the world that has an operating mine that provides both start-up tech ventures and multi-national companies the resources, expertise and equipment to enable them to design, test, and ultimately showcase new and innovative products in an operating mine environment” says Don Duval, CEO NORCAT.

Fuller Industrial, leading the way of delivering and maintaining process piping systems and corrosion and abrasion resistance, will provide the Underground Centre with best-in-class engineered piping for high compression air and water.

Spectrum Group will be providing NORCAT with state-of-the-art hand-held digital communications technology for the underground environment.

K4 Integration will provide the NORCAT Underground Centre with a unique digital tag-in / tag-out board to ensure all visitors, workers, trainees, and employees are tagging in and out while on the property.

Equipment World Inc, a leader in material handling and storage solutions will demonstrate unique opportunities for creating an efficient, safe, and modern shop, warehouse, and storage facility in a mining environment. “Equipment World thrives on providing innovative solutions to the mining industry in material handling and storage solutions. This partnership will be an excellent opportunity for us to showcase how the mining industry can safely and ergonomically store products while maximizing space and allowing us to test our ideas in the field.” says Corey Lair, Manager Equipment World Inc.


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